Jaden is the protagonist of the second Yu-Gi-Oh! series, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. He is a student at Duel Academy, where he lives in the lowest ranked of three dorms, Slifer Red (JP: Osiris Red). Despite his placement in the Red dorm, he is a very talented duelist, and over time many of the other students start to respect and admire him.

Jaden duels using an Elemental HERO deck, which focuses on fusing together different Elemental HEROs into stronger monsters. He's very partial to Elemental HERO Avian and Elemental HERO Burstinatrix, who fuse to form Jaden's favorite card, Elemental HERO Flame Wingman (left).

Jaden is a laid-back, fun-loving person. He makes friends easily, and isn't the type to hold grudges. He loves exciting duels that keep him on the edge of his seat. He can be fairly oblivious, and prefers to sleep or laze about rather than study, much to the irritation of his professors.

In the third season, Jaden undergoes a lot of trauma that fundamentally changes who he is. He loses sight of his love for dueling after being forced to fight for his life and watching many of his close friends die. These events were orchestrated by Yubel, a duel spirit who was in love with Jaden in a past life.

Despite these horrible circumstances that tear away Jaden's emotional stability and the support of the people in his life, he is eventually able to fight through it, and he accepts Yubel's love instead of putting her through more trauma as revenge. Yubel's soul fuses with Jaden's, and in the fourth season, his appearance changes to reflect that.

After fusing with Yubel, Jaden is still haunted by the events that happened to him. He shuts himself off from his friends, and endures a period of apathy and listlessness. He has a hard time returning to his former self. He may never quite get there, but he never gives up; this is one of his core beliefs, to never give up until the battle is over. While it's hard for his friends to accept, he makes the decision to leave them behind and search for himself, accompanied by Yubel and several other spirits.

I find Jaden's bravery and confidence an amazing quality, one that I strive to have. However, even more amazing to me is that he isn't infallable. When faced with the horrible things that befall him in season three, he does lose himself. He falls apart. But even when this happened to him, even when he thought about giving up and dying, he was able to pick himself back up. It isn't easy and he has to do it one very small step at a time, but he continues moving forward, and never gives up.

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Name Yuuki Juudai (JP), Jaden Yuki (ENG)
Voiced By KENN (JP), Matthew Charles Labyorteaux (ENG)
Birthday August 31st
Deck Elemental HERO, Neo-Spacian. Masked HERO (manga)
Height 165.7 cm / 5'4"
Favorite Food Fried shrimp