As with a lot of my self-insert characters, my YGO GX OC doesn't really have a name; I just see her as myself! I might come up with a name for her later, just for simplicity's sake.

She passed the Duel Academy entrance exam with a high enough score to get into the mid-level Ra Yellow dorm. She doesn't win very many duels, but plays very well at a technical level; she enjoys playing many different decks and learning strategies for each of them. She's very interested in learning about other people's cards and starts up conversations fairly easily. She doesn't buy into the idea that the dorm assignments equate 100% to somebody's skill level, and will still try to talk to Blues if they're willing to put up with her.

She loves gimmick cards, and will often try to put decks together to make the most out of a single card, even if they fail from a competetive standpoint. Her love of the game is genuine and wide-spread; she's fascinated by the design side of Duel Monsters as well as the mechanics.

She caught sight of Jaden's style of dueling during the entrance exam, and has sort of been dazzled by him since then. She finally worked up the courage to talk to him, and they became good friends fairly quickly. The only problem is that she's realized she wants the two of them to be more than just friends...!!

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Dorm Ra Yellow
Favorite Cards Dark Magician Girl, Injection Fairy Lily, Enemy Controller
Deck Multiple
Height 5'5"
Favorite Food Katsu curry